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5G leads innovation

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China academy of information and communications has done some research, and the final research results show that 5G will directly create 2.9 trillion yuan of economic added value and indirectly drive 3.6 trillion yuan of economic added value by 2030. Therefore, the innovation of 5G is very meaningful and has direct significance for us to promote the development of digital economy.

5G and terminal innovationSo let's talk about 5G and terminals, and I think 5G will make a big difference to terminals. It's a huge range, and I think at least three areas will change a lot:

The first is the display screen. The upgrade of network technology is often reflected by the mobile phone, while the upgrade of mobile phone is often reflected by the screen changes. As you may recall, the earliest mobile phones had no display screen. Then there began to be a small dial screen; In order to make the screen bigger, we have a foldaway phone with a keyboard open and a screen all over it. Later I thought it was not big enough, and a touch, full-screen mobile phone came out, from 3-inch screen to 4-inch screen to 5-inch screen. Now it has a 6-inch screen, but the 6-inch screen doesn't work. Can't hold it anymore, so what? The only way you can figure it out is to fold the screen, open it up as a Pad, close it up as a phone. So it's been four or five years now, and you've seen media reports that there are flexible displays, called AMOLED (active matrix organic light-emitting diodes), but no one has done that yet. But this is the place that the manufacturer must contend for, because our future 4K screen is good, 8K screen is good, if be a 3 inch screen cannot show, we are about to make it big, want 7 inch, 8 inch, how to do so? You just fold it up. I think the next generation of epochal phones probably starts with the display.

The second and the battery. 5 g, but the battery problems haven't solved. We use is 4 g phone, what we said about 4 g function is better than 3 g, every function is better than 3 g, is the function of the battery as 3 g, why? 4 g is heavy traffic because of you, a lot to see the video, so we charge treasure everything out, because you can't even use a day to the battery. We had said a battery to use for a long time, now you say I beg you, can you give me a day, I have to do is to charge a day, but no, do not to come out. I told we do battery peers, I said family car industry has been put forward, car battery once time, just like we come on, let's say 5 minutes, 10 minutes to the car battery, and then can run 300 kilometers, 400 kilometers. Said I hear somebody else's car industry in so, we feel a shame, our cell phones so small, charging also filled a few hours, you say why so many years we can break through? I'm ashamed of myself! Especially with the auto industry.

The third and more important is the operating system. The operating system we use today, whether it's iOS, whether it's android, whether it's Google, the kernel is a former desktop system. IOS was UNIX a couple of decades ago, android was Linux, and for many years, no matter how many years, they were desktop based. You don't have to deal with sensors, you don't even have to deal with cameras. There was no real time processing at that time, we now have the operating system of the phone, it's a lot of real time processing, a lot of new peripherals, so I think when it comes to 5G, it definitely needs to be improved. On the other hand, 5G is one of our best opportunities to get involved with the operating system, we're not curve overtaking, we're straight overtaking. I think the operating system is very important and critical for our entire mobile phone system.

And there's actually one other thing that we all care about, which is wearable devices. The wearable device has been talked about for many years, and I also pay great attention to it. I will visit it every time I visit it, but the popularity rate is still very low. A bracelet or a pair of glasses has the same function. It measures blood pressure, heart rate and how many steps have been run. Of course, these are all good, but this is not very attractive. Then 5G provides a good technical foundation for wearable devices, so we can make a breakthrough for wearable devices by virtue of the technical features of 5G. Where is the breakthrough? It is to have a breakthrough in function. For example, the guide helmet, we could not do before, because the network support is not enough. With 5G covering so densely and so fast, it is entirely possible for us to realize the guide through 5G. I think at this time, our wearable device will have a big breakthrough. The key point of the breakthrough is to add its function, which will be attractive.

We say 5G promotes the digitization of society and adds luster to people's wonderful life. 5G brings new opportunities to everyone, including telecom operators, telecom equipment manufacturers, Internet service providers, and our vast number of innovative entrepreneurs. We must seize this opportunity. Finally, I would like to say that the task of building 5G network is very arduous, and China's communication industry should make new contributions to building a strong Internet industry.

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