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The three major operators deployed 5G network to cover 19 cities in the first batch

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      At present, the three major carriers and major mobile phone manufacturers are working hard to deploy 5G network. As of August 23, it has been officially confirmed that the first batch of 5G network coverage cities of the three major operators have been settled, with a total of 19 seats!Five cities of China mobile: hangzhou, Shanghai, guangzhou, suzhou and wuhan.Six cities of China telecom: xiongan, shenzhen, Shanghai, suzhou, chengdu and lanzhou.China unicom 16 cities: Beijing, xiongan, shenyang, tianjin, Qingdao, nanjing, Shanghai, hangzhou, fuzhou, shenzhen, zhengzhou, chengdu, chongqing, wuhan, guiyang, guangzhou.

      Unicom plans to build 300 5G base stations by the end of the yearIt can be seen from above that China unicom has many more pilot cities than the other two operators, which can be said to be far ahead of mobile and telecom. At present, China unicom 5G coverage rate than mobile + telecom more than 5 cities, it seems that China unicom to power!At present, pilot cities have overlapped in different operators. A total of 19 cities with full capacity will conduct 5G network test, but the operators are different.

      Jiangbei new district is expected to be the first to use 5G networks in SeptemberOn the afternoon of July 2 this year, the signing ceremony of 5G experimental network construction in jiangbei new district of nanjing was held, which meant that jiangbei new district of nanjing took the lead in launching the 5G experimental network.At the meeting, the construction of 5G experimental network in jiangbei new district of nanjing was officially launched, and the administrative committee of jiangbei new district of nanjing signed strategic cooperation agreements with huawei technologies co., LTD and ping an insurance (group) co., LTD. It is reported that the 5G scale trial network of jiangbei new area in nanjing was built by China unicom and will be completed in September this year.

      All three operators are expected to be pre-commercial in 2019After the first phase key technology verification and the second phase technical scheme verification, China's 5G technology research and development experiment entered the third phase of system networking verification in January this year. In the first half of the year, the testing of non-independent networking standards was basically completed.The sprint time for 5G to be commercialized, and the determination of spectrum resources becomes the most critical event. However, up to now, China has not conducted a complete release of 5G spectrum resources.A final license for 5G spectrum resources is scheduled to be officially released in September, and spectrum allocation will not consider an "auction" model, but a continuation of the assignment system, according to the report. After the release of 5G mobile phones, the attention of 5G network is still high, and the three operators should not be too different in this road. It is expected that all of them will be pre-commercial in 2019 and officially commercial in 2020.

      What are the 5 g? How fast is 5G? How much is it worth?5G full name fifth-generation mobile communication technology, compared with current 4G, is faster, power consumption is smaller and time delay is lower.Intuitively, it takes less than two seconds to download a 6GB hd movie using 5G.After 5G network opens, "" all things interconnect" "goal will be achieved. From mobile phones to cars, household appliances, medical equipment, public service facilities, will become network terminals. Artificial intelligence will also use data transmitted over 5G to achieve more value.
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