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Qualcomm is accelerating the maturity of 5G terminals, which will be available in 2019

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      At present, 5G has become a well-deserved hot topic in the industry. By 2035, the goods and services produced by 5G will reach up to $12 trillion. At present, China's three major operators have carried out trials of 5G network testing, and equipment manufacturers are also using self-developed terminals for collaborative testing of terminals and networks. It is worth mentioning that 5G commercial cannot be separated from the support of 5G terminals and chips. Qualcomm, an important player in wireless communication, has been leading the way of 5G commercial application worldwide, especially in promoting the development of 5G chips and terminals.

      The X50 modem + radio frequency module lays the foundation of 5G terminal

      One of qualcomm's significant contributions in accelerating the commercialization of 5G is the launch of the world's first 5G chipset - qualcomm snapdragon X50 5G new open port modem on the terminal side. The snapdragon X50 supports 2G/3G/4G/5G multimode functions through a single chip, and supports frequency bands below 6GHz and below millimeter wave. It can not only meet the demand of most domestic manufacturers and operators to support frequency bands below 6GHz, but also meet the demand of other countries and regions in the world for millimeter wave frequency bands. At the same time, snapdragon X50 can also support both independent and non-independent networking to meet the needs of different operators for different networking methods.

      Currently, there are 20 OEM manufacturers around the world who are trying to develop products based on the snapdragon X50 modem. In addition, 18 operators around the world, including China telecom, China mobile and China unicom, are also using the X50 to support the ongoing trials of 5G new empty port mobile. The snapdragon X50's commercial products are expected to go on sale in 2019.In 5G terminals, in addition to the chip, the antenna, such as radio frequency, and other devices need to send and receive signals to realize 5G data transmission. Qualcomm launched snapdragon 5G module solutions early in MWC2018 to help terminal manufacturers quickly start production at lower cost and less time. Recently, 5G road to commercial further, qualcomm announced the world's first full set of smartphones and other mobile terminals into 5G new hollow millimetre and below 6GHz rf module. Qualcomm QTM052 millimeter wave antenna module series and qualcomm QPM56xx 6GHz radio frequency module series can cooperate with qualcomm snapdragon X50 5G modem, together provide multiple functions from modem to antenna and across frequency band, and support compact package size for mobile terminal integration.

     With the development of mobile technology, the industry has increasingly high requirements on the radio frequency of smart phones and the difficulty of radio frequency technology integration. This creates an opportunity for manufacturers like qualcomm with profound technical expertise and rich integration experience, and highly integrated solutions from modems to antennas are becoming more and more popular in the market. As early as January this year, gaoxin signed an annual rf front-end purchase order worth no less than $2 billion with xiaomi, vivo, OPPO and lenovo. Meanwhile, Google, HTC, LG, samsung and SONY have also signed cooperation agreements with qualcomm in the future rf front end business.

      Joining hands with industry chain partners will make 5G terminals smarter

      In addition to the industry-leading 5G modem chip, 5G radio frequency module and 5G new hollow terminal prototype, qualcomm has also introduced the reference design of 5G smart phones and carried out the design of prototypes to carry out interconnection test with different manufacturers. At present, qualcomm has carried out connectivity cooperation with China mobile, huawei, zte, datang and many foreign operators and equipment manufacturers based on its 5G new hollow port terminal prototype.

      A single flower is not spring, industrial chain cooperation and mutual assistance is crucial for 5G commercial application. Qualcomm has worked extensively with a number of partners around 5G technology and terminals. Earlier this year, qualcomm launched the "" 5G pilot plan" "with Chinese partners such as xiaomi, vivo, OPPO, lenovo and wentai. In the future, qualcomm will continue to promote the 5G process together with its Chinese partners. Meanwhile, qualcomm also joined China mobile in launching the "" 5G terminal pioneer program" "to continuously accelerate 5G commercial application."" 5G is expected to be released in the first half of 2019 in some countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, South Korea and Australia, which will bring more opportunities for early release of 5G products to our partners in China's 5G pilot plan. In terms of the 5G market in China, we expect a series of 5G supporting smartphone products from our Chinese partners to be launched later in the second half of 2019. "" Earlier, in an interview with communications world all-media reporters, qualcomm President Christian amon revealed.

      It is worth mentioning that in the 5G era, AI will make the terminals more intelligent. Intelligent computing will not only stay in the cloud, but also be realized in the mobile terminals of everyone. And qualcomm has done a lot of layout on terminal side AI, which will also make 5G terminals more intelligent and allow users to enjoy 5G life.

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