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5G white paper

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With the gradual implementation of 5G standards and spectrum, the three operators are gradually rolling out 5G pilot projects in key cities, and 5G is getting closer.Meanwhile, how's 5G going now?

How big is the future market size of 5G?
Become a general concern of the industry.On May 15, ccid consulting co., LTD issued the 2018 China 5 g industry development and application of the white paper "(hereinafter referred to as the" white paper "), introduced the evolution route 5 g, 5 g industrial chain, the global development,

5 g and 5 g for China in anticipation of industrial development, indicate the 5 g value of investment opportunity and development Suggestions.In fact, the industry has given 5G great expectations, so how big will 5G plates be?According to the prediction of saadi consultant, it is estimated that the overall market size of 5G industry in China will reach 1.15 trillion yuan from 2019 to 2026, which is nearly 50% higher than the overall market size of 4G industry.Because, judging from the construction demand of 5G, 5G will adopt the mode of "macro station + small station" network coverage, and the upgrading of base stations will bring a wave of original base station transformation and new base station construction. In 2017, China's 4G coverage phase basically ended, with 3.28 million 4G base stations, and the total number of 5G base stations will be 1.1-1.5 times that of 4G base stations.

As for the 5G investment opportunity, saadi consultants believe that the most long-term benefits will be the application scenarios such as the Internet of vehicles, industrial Internet and smart healthcare, besides focusing on the main equipment, optical module, optical fiber and optical cable, radio frequency antenna, small base station, etc.

So, what will be the most valuable application of 5G?Car networking, smart city, VR/AR will be the most valuable application, said liu ruofei, general manager of sadie consultancy information and communications industry research center, in an interview with the communications industry daily (net) after the press conference.

At present, China has invested a lot of energy in the development of Internet of vehicles, and the whole vehicle enterprise is developing rapidly. In the future, automobile terminals will replace other terminals. It is estimated that the number of intelligent connected vehicles driven by 5G will reach 130 million from 2020 to 2025. At the same time, with the rapid development of the Internet of things, it will lead the development of smart cities. At present, some smart parks are being incubated. In addition, VR/AR is also a potential 5G application.

According to the white paper, 5G has four characteristics: high transmission rate, meeting the need of large capacity access, significantly reducing network latency and providing possible interconnection for all things. 5G is expected to be mature and commercially available around 2020, when it will further change our lives.

At present, China's three major operators have basically identified the first batch of pilot cities. China mobile will conduct field tests in Shanghai, hangzhou, guangzhou, suzhou and wuhan. China unicom will conduct tests in 16 cities including Beijing, tianjin, Qingdao, shenzhen, hangzhou, nanjing, wuhan, guiyang, chengdu, fuzhou, zhengzhou and shenyang. China telecom will conduct tests in chengdu, xiongan, shenzhen, Shanghai, suzhou and lanzhou, and six more cities will be added in the future to form the "6+6" layout. Initially, 5G coverage area will start from the eastern region, then gradually expand to the west, and then cover the whole country, and finally realize the full commercial application of 5G.                   

First of all, 5G standards have yet to be fully determined. Chinese enterprises need to actively strive for the leading right of 5G and seize the initiative of 5G development.

Secondly, part of the industrial chain is weak. At present, from the perspective of each link of 5G industrial chain, the main development links of base station and terminal are mature, but the strength of vertical subdivided industrial chain of some links needs to be improved, such as processor, radio frequency amplifier, filter and other core devices, which still need to increase input.
Thirdly, the construction power of China's telecom operators is insufficient. On the one hand, as China's 4G construction is just completed and 5G is launched, operators will face huge cost pressure. On the other hand, with the arrival of 5G, traffic will accelerate depreciation, dividends will gradually disappear, and the substitution effect of Internet business on operators' traditional business will be further strengthened, which will directly affect operators' overall revenue. Therefore, domestic telecom operators may carry some negative emotions in the development process of 5G, and the impetus may be insufficient in the promotion process of 5G.

Finally, although certain spectrum resources have been reserved for 5G in China, they are still not rich enough and of high quality. If the spectrum plan proposed by China cannot be widely accepted by the international community, it means that China must passively accept other people's spectrum plan, and need to redo the product development of other frequency bands. As a result, China has to face many difficulties in domestic coordination, leading to the lagging development of 5G industry in China.

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